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So Ant really did love him! Dec had had that little inkling for quite a while now but was too afraid. Then last night, Ant had kissed him, he had actually kissed him. He had been to afraid to let Ant sleep with him in case he were to regret it in the morning and Ant had been so adamant Dec was proud of himself for not giving into temptation. He hadn't actually slept, hadn't been able to. He knew Ant too well, knew he would have run away the seccond he woke up but boy did Ant sleep for a while. But of course he couldn't tell Ant that.
Dec was now just enjoying lying in Ant's arm on his bed although he was disheartened by the fact Ant would soon have to return home to his wife and make up for what he'd done. It didn't help that Dec probably wouldn't be allowed round for a while and she would probably tell Ant he won't be allowed to be alone with Dec for a while. How were they supposed to be an item if such concepts stood in their way.


Ok this is kind of a weird add so i appologise in advance. no real train of thought and all that.

"Ant, do you still want to be my friend?"
"Woah dec of course I do what kind of question is that?"
"It's just that you seem to be spending all your time making new friends and never have time for me anymore, it's like you've had enough of me or something."
"Aww come on Dec, we're friends, always have been always will. I could never just stop being your friend. Or at least not without an awful lot of shouting and screaming. Admittedly sometimes we might not speak so much as usual but at the end of each and every day you are my friend."
"Thanks, I guess I've just been a bit on edge recently. This has been one hell of a week though, in my defense"
"How so?"
"Well I had that essay to finish and then I got all my replies and then on the last day I reconcile with my friends. Although I messed up a little at lunch today. Although it could all go bad agin very soon. I really hope it doesn't. It' been such a gret end to my week. You have no idea"
"Aw I'm sure they'll forgive you and how could it all go worng?"
"Two people are getting their essays back today and I really hope it isn't me. I don't think I could go through it all again."
"Mate you should sleep once in a while then you'll get good grades. Promise"
"Easier said then done mate, easier said than done."
"Well maybe I could hep you with that"
"Oh? How so?"
"Well see I read somewhere that when you sleep with someone else in your bed you sleep better"
"Wouldn't you sleep worse cos you'd be uncomfortble. I mean it would be weird I wouldn't know how to act arround a girl"
"Hmmmm I see your point. Let me think. Hmmmm... I suppose next time we have a sleepover we could share a bed or would that also be uncomfortable?"
"Mate we used t do that all the time. I don't see it making a difference"
"Allright kewll"


Oh God. What had he done? Why now after all this time had he suddenly drunkenly given in to temptation? What was going to happen?
Ant had actually kissed Dec. The papers had probably caught it on photo and it would be all over the papers now.
He can't pretend he was too drunk to know what he was doing either as he'd run away secconds later. Oh God he was such an idiot. What should he do? Should he text Dec? Should he pretend it never happened? Would Dec even remember?
Ant had gone though the past nineteen years without ever snogging Dec and now of all time now when they had so many projects linned up for them he had decided to kiss Dec. Sometimes he wandered why people thought he was the sensible one? Well they wouldn't any more, that's for sure.
And Lisa! What would she say? Where was she? Where was he?
Ant looked arround
Oh My God. I'm on Dec's sofa. That meant they would HAVE to talk. And soon. Maybe, just maybe he could sneak out before Dec woke up. He had always been a late riser.
Ant got up off the sofa and headed for the door.
"Going somewhere?"
"Er yer, back to Lisa. She didn't give me permission to stay at yours tonight."
"That's the least of your worries mate."
"Yep. But first a spot of breakfast"
"How comes your awake so early?"
"Early? Ant it's half eleven."
So last night…"
"yer must have been a great party"
"No Ant. Don't do that. I know you too well. You're worried about what will happen to us. Will we still be as close. Can I dare to look at you. You haven't forgotten or else you'd have shouted at me asking why you were on the sofa not on my comfy bed and me on the sofa. And then you'd have remembered the guest room."
"Yea. Why was I on the sofa?"
"No. no digressing. First we talk."
"Oh. Ok"
"So last night you kissed me"
"On the lips"
"And you told me you loved me"
"Yes Dec I know why are you repeating all this?"
"Because I want to know how you feel now. Was it just you being drunk? Cos I've seen you more drunk. Is it something to do with you and lisa cos I know I haven't been arround as much now that Georgie's in my life but you know you can still talk to me… I just want to know why you did it and if you still feel that way. And before you protest I won't love you any less then I did yesterday. That's a promise"
"Everything is going fine with Lisa. But she… she's not you. I love you Dec, always have. Normally I'm able to withstand her but last night, I dunno what happened. I've kept it from you for all this time and so well. I'm sorry Dec. I'll be back to normal tomorrow. Promise"
"Don't be"
"Don't go back to hiding tomorrow. Well maybe to the rest of the world but not to me."
"Why? You want to mock me"
"No Ant. You don't understand"
"Damn right I don't"
"I want to see you for who you are. No façade no lies nothing. I want to know when you're feeling sad or happy. I want you to tell me how you really feel when I ask you how you are. I want to know everything about you."
"Gee Dec, it sounds like you love me"
"I do. I can't believe you never noticd. I always took care of you when you needed it. I always went to you when I was drunk. I went years without a girlfriend cos I was waiting for you. But I gave up Ant. I couldn't wait for ever, especially as you got maried. "
"Is it too late now? Cos I want to be with you"
"It's not too late. Well it is. But it's also too early."
"How can it be too late and too early unless you think we can get together after death. "
"No, not after death but like when we're older. You need to spend some time with Lisa, I won't get married and then in llike ten years time we can be togethr publicaly."
"TEN YEARS? I can't last that long, not now that I know you love me back"
"then it's a good thingwe'll be togther in private then isn't it. Unless you don't want to do that with Lisa which I completely understand"
"Well half the nation think we're together so I suppose we can get away with it"
"Yep. So we have one another in Australia, When we travel for britains got talent and who knows what else?"
"So why was I on the sofa?"
"Cos you kept striding into where I was sleeping and claiming you wanted to share my bed 'just to sleep' but I was worried you would regret it tomorrow so I put you on the sofa and held your hand whilst you fell asleep. Infact, I fell asleep. That's how a saw you leave. I jumped off the sofa secconds before you woke up."
"Oh. OK. What do I tell lisa?"
"Has she called you? She hasn't called me yet?" Ant checked his phone
"Then you got time, come to bed yer? I'm knackered."
"oooooooooook but we're taking both phones with us"
Dec got to his room and fell straight to sleep.


Sorry Sorry Sorry
It's been a whil ay? So Merry Christmas, HAppy New Year and Happy Birthdays to anyone who's had one since the last post.
So i wrote something but it's not too good. Think of it as a begining and i shall base a small fic on it. Hope it's ok. Coments as ever are loved
So yer here it is

Yet another party to go to. Who knew what the reason was. All they knew was that it was yet another party. At least their would be alcohol for them to drink and she wouldn't be there. Yes, Ant was not a big fan of Georgie thompson. she was taking his Dec away from him. Dec was spending more and more of their time with Georgie. It just was not fair. Ant didn't like sharing unless it was something he and Dec were sharing. In that case he loved it. If Dec weren't with him he couldn't do his job. That's why he always failed the Ant vs Dec. He just couldn't do it. It had been allright when he'd had Welks. They had prearranged that because of Ant. He'd been okay with Cat cos Dec had been there but he hated the chums section where Dec flirted with Cat. Dec could flirt with him instead. Ant wouldn't mind.
When Dec was around, Ant was a different person. He had no restrictions, well almost no restrictions. He couldn't do what he wanted to do more than anything else, well not seriously anyways. He couldn't tell Dec that he loved him. Well he could but he wasn't prepared to lose Dec. Lets face it ant was miserable without dec. The whole world knew it. He even looked miserable when he was around dec but that was again a sharing issue. He had to share Dec with the world, it was allright if it was some joke that involved the both of them but if it was an interview and only dec was answering they were wasting their own time, time they could have spent bonding.
Dec meant the world to Ant. He was the first person he turned to when he was upset, when he had good news, whenever, it was always Dec he went to first. For that hug, comfort and encouragement or someone to celebrate with.
That trip to Australia had by far been the best. But just as all good things come to an end, both lads knew their time together was almost up. Sure they could still hug each other daily, share the occasional kiss and shag once or twice but their would not be another opportunity for them to have what they had in Australia until next year. And that was only if they returned. The way things were going with ITV, who knew. Why did they have to take so long to get together. They were so stupid. Imagine if they’d emerged as a couple after their pop career ended, sure their might be a couple homophobes but on the telly they could have acter straight and then no one would really mind that they were together. Now it was too late. Ant was married. It would be the largest of scandals. They’d wasted their one great shot at happiness.
It was in that mood that the lads packed their belongings in preperation to return to rainy England.
As Ant was folding up his jeans, he found a note from George “I hope you live your life to the fullest. It isn’ t good to be that miserable. Just tell him you love him, live your life and deal with the consequences. Check with him first but I think he’ll agree” Ant was stumped. Was it that obvious that he liked Dec? Who else knew? He would drop Lisa though if that was what Dec wanted, they could go away for a while, leaving the scandal to quieten down a bit. They’d have to do it the next summer though as they needed a break in their schedual to do it.

He finished packing and went into Dec’s room. Dec was sitting on an over stuffed suitcase trying to close it. “Have you triedd folding or rolling your clothes rather than chucking them in?”
“It takes sooo long.”
“agh stand up. I’ll help you”
So Ant unpaked Dec’s suitcase and told Dec to roll up all his jeans whilst he did the rest.
Ant was in a world of his own, for some reason he loved packing even though it meant the end of him and Dec.
“Woah Dec I don’t believe it, you brought less stuff then me! I always thought you brought more” said Ant smilling, wondering if it were always the case. “Dec?” Ant spied Ant sitting on the bed reading a message. He assumed he was upset that their time was coming to a end so soon.
“Dec babe, it’s allright we can get through it. But you know what I was thinking? I was thinking I’ll divorce Lisa in January and then come August we can annonce our situation to the world. What do you say?”
“I don’t think I could do that to lisa, can we face the press without having a whole bunch of tension? I think it’s too late for us/”
“What the fuck mate? I am willing to put my whole life on the line for you, my relationship, my career, my money, everything I am willing to give up for you but you don’t seem to want that Dec. Why? I don’t think you like me as much as I like you.”
“I do Ant and I love that you would do that I do honest but I just don’t want to lose you and I fear if we get together the pressure will be too much.”
“Whatever I reckon you were just lonely”
“Ant go back to your room, relax I think you’re overreacting”
“please?” Dec asked on the verge of tears
Ant stormed out leaving Dec on the bed staring at the note George had left him ‘Don’t let Ant break up his mariage for you, he’ll hold it against you. You need to wait until your both ready to give up your limelight and ready to lead a normal life, although it will start with a lot of media’
How had George known that Ant would say what he did? Unless he told Ant to ask him, as a trial of their relationship? He would have to find out.
“Go away”
“Please Ant I want to show you something”
“too bad”
“did george tell you to tell me what you just did?”
Ant opened the door
“Yer why?”
“Look at what he gave me”
Ant read the paper, went and fetched his own and showed it to Dec
“Oh” said Ant. So I guess you really do love me. Giving up the offer of a lifetime to save our relationship”
“Ant I’m so sorry, I really wold like to spend the rest of my life with you but I don’t want any regrets. I love you Ant and I can wait until we’re both ready to face the public. Plase don’t hate me.”
“I could never hate you. I just hope our time comes soon. I don’t know how much longer I can go without kissing you whenever the hell I want. “
“Well nothing’s stopping you from kissing me now.”
The last morning in Aus before or the celebs were released back and there would be the party. Tomorrow would be hell choosing between the last three contestants.
Dec woke up on Ant’s chest once again. Today would be the last time Ant would tell him something. After that, Dec would hopefully know everything about Ant and if not then well that was Ant’s choice.
“mmmm Mornin gorgeous. Where’s my kiss?”
“Oh no Ant don’t tell me you lost your kiss, here let me help you find it.” “Is it in your hair?”
Dec proceeded to roll his hands through Ant’s hair “In your ears” the ears were examined “in your eyes?” they were then prised open “up your nose?” Dec lay himself down on top of Ant to ‘look up his nose’ “Oh no Ant I think you lost it. I’ll give you a new one.” With that dec started kissing up Ant’s collar bone edging his way slowly to his lips where he slowly, sweetly kissed Ant. Putting as much love into it as he could muster.
“Rise and SHIIIINE Ant”
“bloody tease”

Later that evening, after a good game of golf, Ant followed Dec to his room. “Why don’t we ever sleep in here?”
“I dunno. Do you want to?”
“Alright but only if you tell me the last secret you never told.”
“Ok. This should be the most touching but it might scare you.”
“I don’t care. Tell me.”
“If you ever decide that you want me, just me away from Lisa tell me and I will. My heart has been and always will belong to you. If you stood me on the edge of a cliff and said jump I would. Remember when nan died and everyone wanted me to stay saying it’s what she would of wanted and all, I just wanted to go home and drink myself to oblivion but when you said please stay, I can’t do this alone and you know how your nan loved your work and the fact that we were always together on stage. So I stayed. I stayed because you asked. You asked me to do something for your benefit and my nans. For once in my life you asked me to do something for you. Sure it was for nan too but you had included yourself. I’ll never forget that. I would do anything for you yet you never ask. I’m always asking you but you never ask me.”
Dec was now crying slightly. “I do ask, I ask to share a bed with you”
“That doesn’t count. Compared to the huge favours I ask of you.”
“Thank you Ant. That really meant a lot to me. I really do love you. Forever and always.”
“I will love you for longer”
“not possible”
“that’s what you said about me beating you at golf and I did!”
“Well, I beat you on all the Ant v Dec.”
“Oh you didn’t just say that”
“Oh I did!”
“Well, I let you win”

I missed you so so much

I'm in a christmassy mood so i wrote two today and there's saturdys! lucky lucky lucky

And once again Ring Ring Ring
“ugh I just rolled in popcorn. ANNNT what did you do?”
“Haha I guess it’s left from the fight.”
Ugh too early to taste popcorn. And I’m all greasy. It’s off to the shower for me. And you I should say.

“So… Seccond to last admital. What is it?”
You know when I went on my honeymoon? I wish you had come with us. Lisa wouldn’t let me take my phone cos she said it was only me and her time. I missed you so so much. I sulked half the time. Believe me she wasn’t happy.”
“I missed you too! I spent a day in my hosue watching old byker episodes. Every day I would watch some sort of footage of the two of us from any show cos it made me feel closer to you. I missed you so much. I don’t know how lisa survives although she gets to talk to you on the phone. That’s nicer. Hell I don’t know how the jungle kids do it. How did Justin survive so long? He said they hadn’t been seprated I like 24 years for 24 hours. Imagine that. That’s what I want with you.”
“I don’t know how they did that. I would hapily do that with you though.”

I wish we could stay in bed alll day

Haha i am so behind. sorryyyyy

I could get used to this Dec thought as he woke up and was still able to lay in Ant’s arms.
He lay there in peace for the few seconds that remained listening to the soothing sound of Ant’s heart beat under his head. He could stay like this for ever. Well maybe not for ever but for many a pleasant hour. Damn that show they were hosting. It was using up their precious time.
And as if it hear itself beeing cursed Ring Ring Ring
Dec rolled off of Ant and picked up the phone.
“You know the one thing I don’t get? I always turned off the alarm, you would be sleeping. How did you extract yourself?”
“Morning to you too! And I was awake, just pretending, I didn’t want to seem weird and have you think I was watching you.”
“I wish we could stay in bed alll day.”
“So do I babes”

“What’s today then???
“It’s alcohol related… want to hazzard a guess?”
“Ho hum… the reason I drink more then you is cos you’re afraid to let your feelings show so you drink slower and then when I am piss-faced you act likewise and we end up waling home together?”
“Not quite, not all my pints were pints. Some were just apple cider so I could remember the nigth better.”
“You cheeky little bugger. So anything I should know about then?”
“We kissed once after watching Brokeback”
“I remembered that but when I asked if we’d done something silly you said no so I assumed you’d forgot”
“I didn’t think it was silly.”
“Oh. Is that it?”
“You would always lie down, your head on my lap when watching a film and if ever you fell a sleep you’d hug my legs. I’d play with your hair and when you slept I watched you for a while until I was too tired when I’d drag you up to bed. I always pretended you came into my room drunk when actually I carried you in”
“THat’s why you’d ask me to stay in your room that time when you were upset.”
“I didn’t want to be alone, I was drunk and I’d rather have you in my bed then Lisa. Thanks for that by the way. It was probably uncomfortable watching your drunken mate cry for hours on end”
“Oh come on I’ve seen you cry so many times before. Just never shared a bed with you because of it but i didn’t mind. I was happy you’d asked me rather then suffer alone.”
“I’d give you a big hug right before falling asleep and kiss you on the cheek then hold onto your hand all night. I’m sure I woke up before you on those nights.”
“Yeah you did. I didn’t know about that.”
“Now we just got to make sure I don’t spill the beans to Lisa before we’re ready to take this thing further. We will though won’t we? Take it further?”
“I hope so Ant I really do. I want this to mean more then just some Australian fling”
“me too”
“How about’s we watch us a film and have a night in? Maybe with slightly less alcohol than usual… but still some of course. Ay?”

Tell me it really did happen

Oh My God, Ant is waking up what do I do? Thought Dec. He was gonna get caught once again. And then he realised what he was wearing or rather the lack of. Wha? That’s when it hit him. What Ant had said yesterday. By far the best piece of news he had heard, well ever really. Ant had told him he loved him. How much better could life get? Dec simply couldn’t wait for todays little secret.
“Mornin gorgeous”
“Dec! So I didn’t just dream all of it up then? Tell me it really did happen”
“It really did happn and I’ll prove it” with that Dec lifts his head up slightly to peck Ant on the lips
“Now Dec, how is it that you seem to have found yourself a slot that fits you so well and yet doesn’t wake me up in the night. It’s like this part of my chest was destined for you. My arm just unconsciously wraps itself arround your beautiful body?”
“Ah, yes, about that I erm, well when we used to share a bed I liked the feel of your arm arround me so I kind of trained you. Sorry”
“Haha, I remember those days, I’d occasionally wake up and see my arm arround you but you looked so peaceful I daren’t move it and then in the morning you were off of me so I never brought it up.”
“Yer huhm. Sorry. I hadn’t even realised that I liked you bak then. So I wonder how long we felt this way about each other.
Anyways, time to go go go!”

Later that afternoon Dec was simply dying to know what surprise was in store for him today.

After having worked on set, the lads decided to go sit on Dec’s balcony, drink a few beers and admire the view.
“So Ant. What you gonna tell me today?”
“Ah. Well it’s kind of sad, sweet yet sad. Remember when I proposed to Lisa and you sent me that text telling me I’d been caught? Well that ring was meant for you. It was like me saying I loved you and always would but then the press found out and I, wll I chickened out.Then I didn’t know what to do. I never asked you to be best mate in case I managed to stop the wedding. I just wanted a sign, anything that you would have me ad I would have been yours. When you didn’t even seem to care, I was gutted. I’d lost my heart so I married Lisa as planned. My stag do’s before, I loved them. Thank you for that.”
“Why didn’t you say something then?”
“Because I couldn’t be doing with the scandal if it all went haywire. I would humiliate Lisa and you could lose your job, that we both love. I mean how selfish would I be?”
“So why did you do it now? Is it ok to be selfish now? To risk our career and humiliate Lisa? What changed”
“What changed was George, it scared me to tink I could die without you knowing that I loved you. I kind of hopped you would return the feeling and if not you would still be able to work with me. The press didn’t know this time so I wouldn’t be humiliating Lisa anyways. I know I will have to leave her at some point. And I will”
“Thank you, for loving me that much. You did the right thing. I love you.”

“Wanna go for a swim now?”
“Haha Dec, the moment spoiler”
“hello how dee do? It’s not my fault it’s scorching.” replied Dec giving Ant a peck on the lips to make up for it.

I love you

Once again Dec woke up, extracted himself from Ant’s protective arm and lay on his back to see if, once again, Ant would give him a nice tender kiss. He’d just settled down when , right on cue, riiing riiiing riiiing. Dec had obviously not slid up the bed enough as Ant’s lips brushed his forhead. Shame.
“mmmmpf did you just kiss my forhead? Only it felt like it” asked dec
“Yer sorry! I guess I’m just not used to sharring a bed with someone when they have the alarm on their side any more.”
“Sure that’s what you say”
“Ay, because it’s the truth. Now, go get changed we can’t have you smelling of alcohol now can we? And then we can sleep in that car”
“Yes muuuum”
Later that day, Dec runs into Ant’s room the second they get back to the hotel and sits on his bed, trying desperately to be patient as Ant changes clothes.
“Shouldn’t you be changing too? Or do you plan on wearing those all day?’’
“Ha Ha. You know I want to know what it is you have to tell me today.”
“Well too bad, you’ll just have to wait, I’m not telling you yet. This one’s special”
“No Fair No Fair No Fair I’m not going to let you out of my sight until you say!”
“Like we are ever separate for long anyways now go get change”
“Nope not leaving you!”
“Fine does this count for the bathroom too?” asked Ant heading towards the bathroom
“Yep” replied Dec jumping up to follow him. He just made it to the door before having it slammed in his face and he followed Ant in. “Not like I never seen you pee before mate” he said by way of explanation before politely turning his back and continuing with his many “tell me tell me tell me”’s.
Ant went back to his room and started changing as Dec resumed his seat on Ant’s bed.
“All right then Deckers, no way am I going out with you looking like that. You look way too camp.” said Ant pulling Dec up and following him to his room. If he was stuck with Dec following him all day he may as well make the best of it. “But they make my bum look cute”
That’s just it, thought Ant. I can’t be dealing with that just now
Ant sat on Dec’s bed watching as he changed, he seemed to be going slow as if to try and excite Ant (and it was working)
“Cum on mate, haven’t got all day. Places to go, things to see. It’s necessary for you to find out the next secret”
With that Dec seemed to be ready in seconds. If all went well today, Ant would be seeing a lot more of that anyways.
Ant took Dec for a nice stroll along the beach with a beach mat in his bag. When he found a nice spot, he set his stuff down and passed Dec his trunks “Come on let’s go for a swim.”
“Erm Ant I don’t see any changing rooms”
“Erm Dec I don’t see any people. If you really want I will hold a towel up for you but I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference said Ant who had already started striping. Dec went and got a towel and when Ant had changed he asked him to hold it for him.
The lads fooled around in the watter for a while until Ant decided he could delay no longer. He went back to the beach knowing full well Dec would follow. They dried off and changed back to normal clothes
“Is it time to find out yet Ant?”
“After dinner. Trust me, you want dinner first”
“Ok lets have something quick errmmm kebabs”
They ate and then headed back to the hotel. I’ll do it in the lift Ant decided
“Allright so erm the thing is, this is the one that could change our friendship the most but I want you to know. “ The lift doors opened and the lads walked out and into Ant’s room “I erm oh my I cant believe I’m saying this. I … I… I think I might, maybe love you”
“As in love love or friend love?”
“Love love” said Ant and as if to emphasise his point he leant in and kissed Dec.
Dec woke seconds before the alarm went off. Gently extracting himself from Ant’s arm (oh yes, he still had such powers) he rolled over slightly which was hard given Ant was in the middle of the bed. Ant mumbled slightly then, bang on cue, ring, ring, ring.
Ant groaned and rolled straight onto Dec’s body having forgotten he was there and planning to pick up the blasted phone. Their lips brushed together ever so slightly until Ant realised what was happening and pushed himself up .
“Did you just kiss me? Only i could swear I’ve just been kissed for real” asked Dec, knowing perfectly well what had just happened but much preferred to see Ant’s reaction
“Nah mate i just rolled onto yer, forgot you were here to be honest sorry. Kissing must have been a part of your dream. Now time to take that car to the site ay?”

Later, upon their return Dec started jumping up and down on the bed… So Ant what are you going to tell me today? “
“Haha… well it’s not the nicest thing but i’m leading up to that. Today I’m gonna tell you that when we first met I thought you were such a mummy’s boy and would tatle on everyone arround who set a foot wrong, most of us did and then I met you. You were a bad example on me you were. I mean always trying to smuggle out alcohol whenever you could. I’m surprised I’m the one who smoked and not you. But I really am glad I met you. If I hadn’t I’d just have gotten some boring office job… like the bloke in Alien autopsy thaat I was playing so thank you. Thank you so so much”
“Errr Ant, I did smoke. But I stopped as I didn’t want to die and I dunno I figured I was unhealthy enough with all them takeaways I eat. Ya know? Don’t be mad please? The only reason I never said was cos I thought you wouldn’t agree but then you started smoking. I swear there are very few things you don’t know but I dunno this just didn’t feel right for me to tell you. Sorry”
“It’s allright. I think I’m starting to like this telling you stuff. I’m learning more about you then I knew before. Soon enough we’ll know absolutely everything about one another.”
“Ay you’re most probably right. Time for golf?”
So the lads went off for a friendly game of golf.
“Dec, I’m still slightly shook from George and all. Will you sleep in my bed again tonight, I promise I won’t kiss you in the morning. If you want I’ll sleep on your side of the bed” siad a tipsy Ant
“So you did kiss me this morning. I KNEW IT!, you looooove me… you want to marrrrry meeeeee”
“Shut it or you can sleep on your own tonight”
“All right but I’m staying on that side of the bed. I always sleep on that side, you know that. Why do you take my side with Lisa?”
“No, I was just trying to persuade you. And you just want another kiss you know you do!”
Before anything else could happen., the assistant producer stumbled out of the pub and told them both off for not yet being in bed.