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Dec woke seconds before the alarm went off. Gently extracting himself from Ant’s arm (oh yes, he still had such powers) he rolled over slightly which was hard given Ant was in the middle of the bed. Ant mumbled slightly then, bang on cue, ring, ring, ring.
Ant groaned and rolled straight onto Dec’s body having forgotten he was there and planning to pick up the blasted phone. Their lips brushed together ever so slightly until Ant realised what was happening and pushed himself up .
“Did you just kiss me? Only i could swear I’ve just been kissed for real” asked Dec, knowing perfectly well what had just happened but much preferred to see Ant’s reaction
“Nah mate i just rolled onto yer, forgot you were here to be honest sorry. Kissing must have been a part of your dream. Now time to take that car to the site ay?”

Later, upon their return Dec started jumping up and down on the bed… So Ant what are you going to tell me today? “
“Haha… well it’s not the nicest thing but i’m leading up to that. Today I’m gonna tell you that when we first met I thought you were such a mummy’s boy and would tatle on everyone arround who set a foot wrong, most of us did and then I met you. You were a bad example on me you were. I mean always trying to smuggle out alcohol whenever you could. I’m surprised I’m the one who smoked and not you. But I really am glad I met you. If I hadn’t I’d just have gotten some boring office job… like the bloke in Alien autopsy thaat I was playing so thank you. Thank you so so much”
“Errr Ant, I did smoke. But I stopped as I didn’t want to die and I dunno I figured I was unhealthy enough with all them takeaways I eat. Ya know? Don’t be mad please? The only reason I never said was cos I thought you wouldn’t agree but then you started smoking. I swear there are very few things you don’t know but I dunno this just didn’t feel right for me to tell you. Sorry”
“It’s allright. I think I’m starting to like this telling you stuff. I’m learning more about you then I knew before. Soon enough we’ll know absolutely everything about one another.”
“Ay you’re most probably right. Time for golf?”
So the lads went off for a friendly game of golf.
“Dec, I’m still slightly shook from George and all. Will you sleep in my bed again tonight, I promise I won’t kiss you in the morning. If you want I’ll sleep on your side of the bed” siad a tipsy Ant
“So you did kiss me this morning. I KNEW IT!, you looooove me… you want to marrrrry meeeeee”
“Shut it or you can sleep on your own tonight”
“All right but I’m staying on that side of the bed. I always sleep on that side, you know that. Why do you take my side with Lisa?”
“No, I was just trying to persuade you. And you just want another kiss you know you do!”
Before anything else could happen., the assistant producer stumbled out of the pub and told them both off for not yet being in bed.



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