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I love you

Once again Dec woke up, extracted himself from Ant’s protective arm and lay on his back to see if, once again, Ant would give him a nice tender kiss. He’d just settled down when , right on cue, riiing riiiing riiiing. Dec had obviously not slid up the bed enough as Ant’s lips brushed his forhead. Shame.
“mmmmpf did you just kiss my forhead? Only it felt like it” asked dec
“Yer sorry! I guess I’m just not used to sharring a bed with someone when they have the alarm on their side any more.”
“Sure that’s what you say”
“Ay, because it’s the truth. Now, go get changed we can’t have you smelling of alcohol now can we? And then we can sleep in that car”
“Yes muuuum”
Later that day, Dec runs into Ant’s room the second they get back to the hotel and sits on his bed, trying desperately to be patient as Ant changes clothes.
“Shouldn’t you be changing too? Or do you plan on wearing those all day?’’
“Ha Ha. You know I want to know what it is you have to tell me today.”
“Well too bad, you’ll just have to wait, I’m not telling you yet. This one’s special”
“No Fair No Fair No Fair I’m not going to let you out of my sight until you say!”
“Like we are ever separate for long anyways now go get change”
“Nope not leaving you!”
“Fine does this count for the bathroom too?” asked Ant heading towards the bathroom
“Yep” replied Dec jumping up to follow him. He just made it to the door before having it slammed in his face and he followed Ant in. “Not like I never seen you pee before mate” he said by way of explanation before politely turning his back and continuing with his many “tell me tell me tell me”’s.
Ant went back to his room and started changing as Dec resumed his seat on Ant’s bed.
“All right then Deckers, no way am I going out with you looking like that. You look way too camp.” said Ant pulling Dec up and following him to his room. If he was stuck with Dec following him all day he may as well make the best of it. “But they make my bum look cute”
That’s just it, thought Ant. I can’t be dealing with that just now
Ant sat on Dec’s bed watching as he changed, he seemed to be going slow as if to try and excite Ant (and it was working)
“Cum on mate, haven’t got all day. Places to go, things to see. It’s necessary for you to find out the next secret”
With that Dec seemed to be ready in seconds. If all went well today, Ant would be seeing a lot more of that anyways.
Ant took Dec for a nice stroll along the beach with a beach mat in his bag. When he found a nice spot, he set his stuff down and passed Dec his trunks “Come on let’s go for a swim.”
“Erm Ant I don’t see any changing rooms”
“Erm Dec I don’t see any people. If you really want I will hold a towel up for you but I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference said Ant who had already started striping. Dec went and got a towel and when Ant had changed he asked him to hold it for him.
The lads fooled around in the watter for a while until Ant decided he could delay no longer. He went back to the beach knowing full well Dec would follow. They dried off and changed back to normal clothes
“Is it time to find out yet Ant?”
“After dinner. Trust me, you want dinner first”
“Ok lets have something quick errmmm kebabs”
They ate and then headed back to the hotel. I’ll do it in the lift Ant decided
“Allright so erm the thing is, this is the one that could change our friendship the most but I want you to know. “ The lift doors opened and the lads walked out and into Ant’s room “I erm oh my I cant believe I’m saying this. I … I… I think I might, maybe love you”
“As in love love or friend love?”
“Love love” said Ant and as if to emphasise his point he leant in and kissed Dec.



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