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I wish we could stay in bed alll day

Haha i am so behind. sorryyyyy

I could get used to this Dec thought as he woke up and was still able to lay in Ant’s arms.
He lay there in peace for the few seconds that remained listening to the soothing sound of Ant’s heart beat under his head. He could stay like this for ever. Well maybe not for ever but for many a pleasant hour. Damn that show they were hosting. It was using up their precious time.
And as if it hear itself beeing cursed Ring Ring Ring
Dec rolled off of Ant and picked up the phone.
“You know the one thing I don’t get? I always turned off the alarm, you would be sleeping. How did you extract yourself?”
“Morning to you too! And I was awake, just pretending, I didn’t want to seem weird and have you think I was watching you.”
“I wish we could stay in bed alll day.”
“So do I babes”

“What’s today then???
“It’s alcohol related… want to hazzard a guess?”
“Ho hum… the reason I drink more then you is cos you’re afraid to let your feelings show so you drink slower and then when I am piss-faced you act likewise and we end up waling home together?”
“Not quite, not all my pints were pints. Some were just apple cider so I could remember the nigth better.”
“You cheeky little bugger. So anything I should know about then?”
“We kissed once after watching Brokeback”
“I remembered that but when I asked if we’d done something silly you said no so I assumed you’d forgot”
“I didn’t think it was silly.”
“Oh. Is that it?”
“You would always lie down, your head on my lap when watching a film and if ever you fell a sleep you’d hug my legs. I’d play with your hair and when you slept I watched you for a while until I was too tired when I’d drag you up to bed. I always pretended you came into my room drunk when actually I carried you in”
“THat’s why you’d ask me to stay in your room that time when you were upset.”
“I didn’t want to be alone, I was drunk and I’d rather have you in my bed then Lisa. Thanks for that by the way. It was probably uncomfortable watching your drunken mate cry for hours on end”
“Oh come on I’ve seen you cry so many times before. Just never shared a bed with you because of it but i didn’t mind. I was happy you’d asked me rather then suffer alone.”
“I’d give you a big hug right before falling asleep and kiss you on the cheek then hold onto your hand all night. I’m sure I woke up before you on those nights.”
“Yeah you did. I didn’t know about that.”
“Now we just got to make sure I don’t spill the beans to Lisa before we’re ready to take this thing further. We will though won’t we? Take it further?”
“I hope so Ant I really do. I want this to mean more then just some Australian fling”
“me too”
“How about’s we watch us a film and have a night in? Maybe with slightly less alcohol than usual… but still some of course. Ay?”



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