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Can i stay here tonight

Sorry if theres mistakes. this is a friends computer and changes my words. I'll edit it later

“Hey Dec, you know how George was talking about making the most of his time, you know while it lasts, it got me thinking. If I die before you, don’t go into the jungle just to remember me, pass take away on to someone else and Britains got talent for that matter. I don’t want you living your life miserably just so that you can remember me. You need to move on. Please for me. Don’t waste your life”
Ant looked like he was about to cry. He had stopped himself before to look strong but he was unsure how much longer he could hold on. Dec himself was practically crying. So when Dec came over and lay on the bed next to Ant hugging himself as close as possible to Ant, Ant couldn’t resist and started crying.
“What’s broght this on all of a sudden Ant? Is something wrong do you have cancer or suman?” Asked Dec after a while before snuggling himself even closer on Ant’s chest.
“No, i was just thinking, our life, it’s like a game except that we never know when it will end. I don’t want you to feel obliged to keep up a Memory of me. That’s all. I’ve decided to live each day as if it were my last so that when my time comes, I’ll be… not ready… but then again not completely unprepaired. Each day for the next week I am going to tell you something else i want you to know. I can only think of seven things right now, but who knows their might be more. “
“are they all going to be this sad though? Cos i’m not sure how much more of news like this I can take.”
“No the others aren’t going to make you cry. I hope anuways, but you have to promise that whatever i tell you over the next few days, if you don’t agree with some of them you’ll still se me as the Ant you’ve known for the past twenty years. Please.”
“I promise.”
Silence ensued only to be broken by Dec
“Ant… Can i stay here tonight? Only I’m kind of shook up from what you said. Like… in you’re bed… like we used to? “, “I get if you don’t want to though.” Dec added after yet another silence
“Nah Dec please stay I don’t think i want to be alone tonight either. “
The lads lay in silence, Dec still resting on Ant’s chest, listening to the soothing sound of Ant’s heart beat. He felt so comfortable there. So much so that he fell asleep. So much for the afternoon golf then.
It was in that position that Dec woke up to hours later due to the sound of Ant’s rumbling stomach. Laughing softly he tried to roll of only to find Ant’s arm wrapped protectively arroung him, holding him in palce as if he were a teddy bear. Feeling Dec move brought Ant out of his daze like state (he had also been woken up slightly because of his rumbling stomach).
“whaaa?” he murmerd
“Ant, as much as i love being your human teddy bear, you’re stomach is rather hungry and so am i. Dinner time!”
“Haha sorry mate. I didn’t even know i did that. I don’t sleep like that with Lisa. Wonder where that came from. “
Ohhh i think i know thought Dec, he had trained Ant all those nights ago, when they shared a bed but he normally managed to escape before Ant woke up.
“Yeah, you’d say that. You just can’t keep your hands off of me can ya? For that you can pay for my dinner!”
“Oh all right.” said Ant still blushing slightly he oppened the door bowed slightly and with a small “Madame” ushered Dec out of the door.
“So are you going to give me a nice piece of news tonight or do i have to wait until tomorow?”
“Tomorow is best”
“You just want to sleep with me don’t ya?”
“Why of corse, dear. How’s the wine. Am I a good first date? Will I get a good first nights kiss”
The lads laughter was strained. But they had to laugh. What else could they do?


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