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Tell me it really did happen

Oh My God, Ant is waking up what do I do? Thought Dec. He was gonna get caught once again. And then he realised what he was wearing or rather the lack of. Wha? That’s when it hit him. What Ant had said yesterday. By far the best piece of news he had heard, well ever really. Ant had told him he loved him. How much better could life get? Dec simply couldn’t wait for todays little secret.
“Mornin gorgeous”
“Dec! So I didn’t just dream all of it up then? Tell me it really did happen”
“It really did happn and I’ll prove it” with that Dec lifts his head up slightly to peck Ant on the lips
“Now Dec, how is it that you seem to have found yourself a slot that fits you so well and yet doesn’t wake me up in the night. It’s like this part of my chest was destined for you. My arm just unconsciously wraps itself arround your beautiful body?”
“Ah, yes, about that I erm, well when we used to share a bed I liked the feel of your arm arround me so I kind of trained you. Sorry”
“Haha, I remember those days, I’d occasionally wake up and see my arm arround you but you looked so peaceful I daren’t move it and then in the morning you were off of me so I never brought it up.”
“Yer huhm. Sorry. I hadn’t even realised that I liked you bak then. So I wonder how long we felt this way about each other.
Anyways, time to go go go!”

Later that afternoon Dec was simply dying to know what surprise was in store for him today.

After having worked on set, the lads decided to go sit on Dec’s balcony, drink a few beers and admire the view.
“So Ant. What you gonna tell me today?”
“Ah. Well it’s kind of sad, sweet yet sad. Remember when I proposed to Lisa and you sent me that text telling me I’d been caught? Well that ring was meant for you. It was like me saying I loved you and always would but then the press found out and I, wll I chickened out.Then I didn’t know what to do. I never asked you to be best mate in case I managed to stop the wedding. I just wanted a sign, anything that you would have me ad I would have been yours. When you didn’t even seem to care, I was gutted. I’d lost my heart so I married Lisa as planned. My stag do’s before, I loved them. Thank you for that.”
“Why didn’t you say something then?”
“Because I couldn’t be doing with the scandal if it all went haywire. I would humiliate Lisa and you could lose your job, that we both love. I mean how selfish would I be?”
“So why did you do it now? Is it ok to be selfish now? To risk our career and humiliate Lisa? What changed”
“What changed was George, it scared me to tink I could die without you knowing that I loved you. I kind of hopped you would return the feeling and if not you would still be able to work with me. The press didn’t know this time so I wouldn’t be humiliating Lisa anyways. I know I will have to leave her at some point. And I will”
“Thank you, for loving me that much. You did the right thing. I love you.”

“Wanna go for a swim now?”
“Haha Dec, the moment spoiler”
“hello how dee do? It’s not my fault it’s scorching.” replied Dec giving Ant a peck on the lips to make up for it.


Dec. 10th, 2009 10:49 pm (UTC)
yay glad you like em.
it's kind of dif. from my normal ones...



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